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We're excellent at making the distinction between the features you need and those you don't, saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Broad Technical Skills

We are proficient with quality languages and frameworks including: Ruby on Rails, Elixir / Phoenix, NodeJS, Ember and React.

Rescue your Legacy Code

Large codebases get complicated and unwieldy over time. We specialise in refactoring and simplifying existing codebases, leaving your team free to ship important features.

Thanks for your hard work and professionalism, it's appreciated
Martin Stannard, Blake Education


We worked with Blake full-time for 8 months supporting their teams developing several of their Ruby on Rails software products.

We reduced complexity by putting complex functionality into simple workflows. We reduced technical debt, and worked together on strategies to ensure long term code quality.
We migrated their front-end software to the latest version of the Ember JS framework, porting old Ember code to the new Ember 2.X way of doing things.

Meet our Team

Philip Arndt
Founder / Senior Developer
Philip enjoys deep technical challenges and has a prolific open source profile, maintaining software used by thousands of developers. He has spoken at technical conferences in New Zealand, Australia, The Philippines, and Mexico.

Sam Seay
Senior Developer
Sam is is a full-stack developer with a special interest in front-end applications. Having worked on single page applications for companies in health and education, he has a strong understanding of how to build scalable, responsive, and accessible front-end systems in any framework.
Luke Arndt
Senior Developer
Luke is a talented full-stack developer specialising in Ruby and JavaScript. Having worked on large Ruby on Rails solutions in E-commerce, Luke is passionate about crafting sustainable and well tested code.

Our Services

Bespoke Development

Whether it's a custom build, or a rebuild, we can take your project from its earliest stages right through to completion with careful guidance and a pragmatic focus on iterative feature development.

Team Augmentation

We have a lot of experience working with existing software teams to identify productivity bottlenecks that are costing you money unnecessarily. We have a proven track record of rescuing applications from the complexity that has been slowing you down.

Mentoring Your Team

Are there members of your team who need extra support, or to get up to speed quickly? We can provide education and support to your junior team members if your own team doesn't have the time.

Refactoring Legacy Systems

Is a big list of technical debt getting your team down? Is it slow to add new features? We can refactor your system for maintainability, and fix bugs that are causing your team headaches, then they can focus on the fun stuff like building new features!

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Where to find us

We are located in Christchurch, New Zealand